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3 pillars of our MISSION

 1.BEING UNFUCKWITHABLE - Personal & Collective Empowerment & Ascension

2.LIFE BY DESIGN - Living your purpose, living your truth, living in alignment & living WELL

3.HUMAN OPTIMIZATION - Living your highest human potential through both esoteric and grounded modalities + various energetic & physical upgrades 

Our Founder, Haley Bowler-Cooke

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Haley Bowler-Cooke specializes in Neural, Energetic & Somatic Optimization.

For High Performance Facilitation for High Level Professional Individuals & Organizations

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Haley Bowler-Cooke - The ICON of New Paradigm Spirituality

Founder & CEO of Uplift Lifestyle Inc. 

My work is designed & devoted to spiritual liberation
through the portal that is your body.

Alignment, Empowerment & Soul Led Human Optimization through various grounded esoteric modalities


 Quantum Healing & Quantum leaping is what we do...Using various modalities - All from a foundation of LOVE, WHOLENESS & TRUTH. 
Best Selling Author: UNFUCKWITHABLE 
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Company: Uplift Lifestyle Inc.
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Working 1:1 with Haley inside the Power Proximity Portal
 Haley Bowler-Cooke
The ICON of New Paradigm Spirituality 
Direct Channel to Infinite Intelligence & Quantum Healer
Author, Podcaster & Thought Leader 
Haley works with High Level Individuals, in co-creating their own unique “life by design”. Haley’s work is cutting edge - nothing is the same - EVERYTHING is different after experiencing the energetic and physical upgrades through her channel, and her work.
High Level, Focused and Direct energy medicine facilitation for the ones who are here for a life DRENCHED in love, well-being and success.
Haley's zones of genius are vast as she is tapped into infinite source intelligence, but she specializes in Human Optimization, Divine Femininity, Naturalization and what she coins as The Art of Receiving, Energetic & Physical Upgrades for ultimate individualized Human Potential.
Haley's work focusses on personal empowerment to live a life by design.

Haley offers countless transmissions through Group Events, Transmissions & Ceremonies, Private & Corporate Retreats, Motivational Speaking, Direct Channeling...And of course 1:1 work in session with clients. 


Please contact  [email protected] to inquire

Take Me to the Podcast

I am SO excited to share our new 2024 membership community - ENCODED CONVERSATIONS - in collaboration with Millionaire Mentor, Danielle Amos. This container is all about the behind the scenes of Aligned New Paradigm Success - it also includes Hot Seat Coaching & various transmissions - it is POWERFUL. I can't hype this space up enough. Check out the details, and if you feel called - join us. 

ENCODED CONVERSATIONS -Details & Registration
As New Paradigm Leaders, as humans living life by our own design... we get to do it our way,
& we get to be wildly happy, healthy & be wildly successful at it.


We aren't easily understood... & we can't be easily defined...
We do not align with limited societal conditioned ways of beings... we are RARE as f*** and we know how precious this life is.
We are creating a new reality, building a New Earth...
one that is foundational in Love, Freedom & Alignment.
 This work is about evolution over a lifetime, meeting the furthest corners of ourselves,  

This work is about thriving in EVERY area of your stunning life.

We at Uplift Lifestyle are HONOURED to facilitate your Highest Timeline Embodiment. 
We are souls having a human experience...
now, let's make this experience one of JOY, PURPOSE, PROSPERITY & PLEASURE. 



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Haley Bowler-Cooke

The ICON of New Paradigm Spirituality 

Direct Channel to Infinite Intelligence & Quantum Healer

Author, Podcaster & Thought Leader 


Haley works with High Level Individuals, in co-creating their own unique

“life by design”.

Haley’s work is cutting edge - nothing is the same - EVERYTHING is different after experiencing the energetic and physical upgrades through her channel, and her work.

High Level, Focused and Direct energy medicine facilitation for the ones who are here for a life DRENCHED in love, well-being and success.

Haley's zones of genius are vast as she is tapped into infinite source intelligence, but she specializes in Human Optimization, Divine Femininity, Naturalization and what she coins as The Art of Receiving, Energetic & Physical Upgrades for ultimate individualized Human Potential.

Haley specializes in neural, energetic & somatic optimization and she uses VARIOUS grounded and esoteric techniques to encode that into those receiving her transmission. 

Haley's events focus on personal empowerment to live a life by design. Integrations to leave the audience alchemized, and uniquely empowered as - Unfuckwithable…Divinely connected, empowered and electrified with the unique blueprint of life force energy.

Haley facilitates various transmissions for her audiences to awaken, upgrade and integrate them into their highest timeline using various hypnotic modalities and empowering integrations. 


Welcome to the realm of infinite possibility. 


To request to book Haley as a speaker or facilitator at an upcoming private or corporate event.


Email Haley's assistant at  [email protected]  to make introductions

Uplift Lifestyle in HONOURED to welcome Samantha Pike to the team.

Our newest Uplift Lifestyle Facilitator. 

Through her work as a behavioural psychologist, and her extensive self development study, Samantha has developed a nervous system regulation technique for managing your vibration

- it’s called The Alignment Method (AtM).

AtM combines evidence based techniques (breath control, visualization, cognitive restructuring) with spiritual awareness to help you transmute energy from fear to love.

She has cracked the code when it comes to shifting your vibrational state. Not only is it simple to use and highly transformative, AtM is self administered, meaning once you’ve learned how to use it,  you’ll always have this brilliant tool in your back pocket. 

Samantha is offering 1:1 Alignment Calls, as well as long term 1:1 for those here for a LIFE BY DESIGN. Where she takes you through a deep dive individualized process of the Alignment Method, ongoing into practice. Which then empowers you to transform your life,

and live a LIFE BY DESIGN. 

For more details and to book your alignment call, or to sign up long term with Samantha, click the link below.

Work with Uplift Lifestyle Facilitator, Samantha Pike

Working 1:1 with Haley Bowler-Cooke, Founder & CEO Uplift Lifestyle inside The POWER Proximity Portal.

Immediate shifts through  energy, somatic and mindset work. With HIGH level facilitation to ensure ongoing upgrades, and evolution over a LIFETIME. 

Grounded regulation, identity upgrading and holistic optimization as you embody new heights, and new states.

Life changing transformation through esoteric and grounded modalities for ultimate ease in alignment, success & excellence.

Your LIFE will become a self care practice, a CELEBRATION, and people will wonder how you do what you do and HAVE what you have, with such RADIANCE and effortlessness. 

Am I speaking to You? 

The High Level Successful woman who desires a life she’s truly obsessed with.

Deeper intention, connection & fulfillment.

You are ready to dance with desire AND gratitude...

Bliss & Ambition

While you navigate the furthest corners of yourself.

I've got You.

Let's RISE.


More details on my 1:1 work within the Power Proximity Portal - Personal transformation for the HIGH LEVEL WOMAN at the link below.

If you have any questions or are ready to get started - please email me directly at

  [email protected] 


For High Performance Facilitation for individuals & organizations

(professional athletes, corporate sessions, company / career development etc.)

Please see details for High Performance Facilitation

with Haley 

The Power Proximity Portal
High Performance Facilitation


"Haley is a visionary. As a coach, it's impossible not to up-level when you put yourself in her energy. She is so potently connected to where she's going, as well as what's possible for her clients and all who surround her. When working with Haley, she doesn't see you for where you're at or for what you're struggling with. She sees you ONLY through the lens of what she knows you're on the path of creating, even (especially) if you can't see it for yourself. She is such a clear channel for the work she brings to this world, and having her input is essentially getting direct downloads from the Divine. I've had the immense privilege of having Haley in my corner over the past year, leaning on her insights and guidance when I most needed to feel like I was on the right path, trying to navigate times of great contrast. It's often been one single, seemingly simple thing she's said (that's actually not simple at all) that completely turns me and my mindset around, with quick manifestations to follow as a result. When you work with Haley, you can't help but take on the belief she has in you because of how authentic it is for her to hold her clients to their most abundant, most potential-filled timeline. Working with Haley (no matter what your personal goals are) will collapse time around you getting to where you're going, because you won't be able to not take on her confidence, belief and conviction-filled way of being. I'd highly and without hesitation recommend working with Haley to up-level into the life you came here to live."

-Lauren, Business Mentor & Creator

"I’ve been wanting to write a review for quite some time but I had to wait for some confirmation to be able to share exactly what you did for me.
During October I took your 3 day retreat, my desires were a little foggy as I was in a pretty dark place mentally, physically and spiritually without even knowing. I joined the class with fear, excitement and a open heart and soul with wishes that I never knew could come true.
I’ve battled with my health for quite sometime, mentally and physically.. After years of many different doctors and unknown answers I turned to my spirit guides wishing and hoping they would be able to help me. They did as much work as they could but what I was missing was the work within myself.
Joining your retreat I opened a portal that I closed off as a child. This portal was holding a lot of hate, judgement, fear, resentment, torture and pain. One of my friends calls it my Pandora’s box. As it was. I thought it would be easier to move on in life and just ignore it after I buried it.. I thought I would be okay and as I grew older the pain would go away. Needless to say it didn’t. The pain grew stronger and my battles were harder then I could have noticed or desired to take on.
The first day of your class I was opened up to a group of ladies. A group of ladies who were so strong and guided, so intelligent with what they were doing in life and on such a path I could have only dreamed about. My second class was sacred. It was the night before that you gave us homework to do which changed my life forever. This class once again was with ladies whom without judgement listened to my pain, my hurt and my feelings as they just would pour out of me.
I went in to your course asking the spirit guides and other forces to heal my hate, to heal and guide me to a place where I stopped judging others on their choices, stop judging myself  and to stop the division and anger in my heart that I let get so comfortable…
I want you to know that it was this second night the night before the full moon that I had a visitor … a visitor whom I was so confused by, a little nervous to see for the first time in my life as it stood over my bed and stared at me with big eyes.. I felt no fear but I felt a gift being placed onto me.. inside of me.. These feelings left me unsure of what had happened so I immediately told my close girl friends whom wouldn’t think I was insane and who would listen to what had happened.
Your program ended and it was magical however I had no idea exactly how my prayers were answered just yet, but the vibrations I felt were placed into my path for weeks after.
A few weeks ago I learned that my visitor.. My dream and vision was correct.. I am now just over 10 week pregnant with a blessing I never thought I could have again. I’ve been overly quite with my processing this as it was crazy to me that I had envisioned something that felt so real but was not there before.. To have these eyes look at me, to feel and hear what it was saying without it even speaking… to be so unsure why I was chosen to be healed and opened up again to bring life back to me just when I was sure mine was almost over is incredible..
My mother told me after I called her about my visitor that it was so strange because that night she too had one come to her.. Although her journey is very different then mine right now it brought us together once again during a time that I pushed her away for her own decisions..
I have been focused a lot on the future now and not so much the present or past, I have opened Pandora’s box and healed all the pain inside of it that is no longer able to haunt me, I have watched my body change in the past few weeks as I’ve started to love her and nurture her more then ever. I feel less hate and resentment in my heart for my father and what he did to me growing up.
I’m not sure how you were able to guide and open me up to receiving just what needed placed in my life at that time.. but you did and I’ll forever be grateful for you and the work you did and allowed me to do in such a sacred space. I’ll never be able to thank all of you ladies for sharing and listening ..for sending healing and love.. and for reminding me that everyday is a blessing and not a curse.
The clarity I feel in my soul..
the clarity I see through my eyes..
And the clear love in my heart is forever thankful for you.
You reached out to me without even knowing you would save my life.. you would pull me out of a dark path when all I was projecting was I was following the light..  thank you so much for seeing me in your circle that day.. thank you for allowing me the opportunity to join something that I never thought I would be able to afford or do for myself.
My babies heart beat is strong and now I am once again too.
Thank you for gifting me more then I could have ever imagined"
Chantella, Mom, Creator, Advocate

Client Testimonial

"I started working 1-on-1 with Haley at a time when I felt in need of extra support. What I got out of our time together was so much more than I ever expected. She taught me how to be that kind, loving, supportive presence for myself. With her guidance, I gained tools on how to navigate those more challenging times. I truly believe the world needs more of Haley, and I feel so grateful to have had her in my life. She holds herself to a high standard both in how she shows up professionally, and in how she takes care of her body, mind, and spirit. By working with her, you will find yourself compelled to do the same - and that's when the magic happens."

-Angela Golem / London Breast Feeding Boutique 

Client Testimonial

"Since becoming a client of Haley's, my emotional, physical and sexual health has drastically improved! Her knowledge and wisdom applied holistically to my mental and physical problems has enabled me to take tremendous strides forward in my recovery."

~ Shannon, Writer

Client Testimonial

"Working with Haley has allowed me to normalize healthy living and decipher my own internal cues of both desire and dis-ease. I've learned to acknowledge and honour where I'm at and also quell the fears of time running out by opening up the possibility of a paradigm shift in how I think. Change happened literally like rapid fire."

~Ellen, Artist, Dancer & Choreographer, 

Client Testimonial

"Haley is patient, she listens, she motivates, she sets goals, and she is passionate and cares about maintaining a healthy physical and spiritual balance in daily living. Haley is a very special human being and I am so grateful to be working with her."

~Irene, Musician & Professor


“I’m feeling so much lighter mind, body and spirit. I got on the scale and I have lost 10lbs since our session!! I’ve been eating with complete awareness, something I never did before! I have been so aligned with my higher self and showing up lovingly for my inner child. This has been absolutely groundbreaking for me. I can’t thank you enough Haley, this is lifetimes and generations of emotional, physical trauma. I love you so much! Very special to me. I’m still finding the words to thank you! You are so special.

I had to make sure to write it all down! Thank you for a beautiful, freeing session. It was euphoric and I’m so grateful for your gifts and facilitating connection to mind body connection while releasing that deep generational trauma!

Love love you"

-Lisa, Mom, Psychic, Business Owner

Where to begin with describing such an incredible soul I will appreciate forever...

Haley is not only my Coach but an earth angel for me because her wisdom represents every human, across all generations, and lifetimes that have liberated themselves from the blocks and chains that hold us back from being true to ourselves. She‘s mastered introspection, interoception, connection and generating the mountain of possibilities we hold inside. 

I have done so much progress thanks to her. Years of healing in just months. 

Doing the work with her, I felt powerful healing shifts and manifestations like never before. 

This happened particularly with my purpose/career sessions. She has a true gift to understand me and releasing energy that doesn’t serve my highest self. She doesn’t rush, she meets me exactly where I am and holds the space I need. Her 6th sense to help me transform my insecurities and inner child pain into peace gave me absolute chills. She is so aligned with who she is and her purpose while still working on bettering herself. She gives effective tools on how she manages emotions that don’t serve. Her authenticity and belief in herself and others is so contagious!!! 

But most of all, she makes it fun!! I have never enjoyed working on myself so much. 

On the other side of the work, there is true freedom, peace and love.


Holistic Wellness Bundle Member 

Client Testimonial

"Haley is an amazing, kind and compassionate soul, you can feel it by looking at her, 

speaking with her feels like you have known each other for a life time. 

She has taken me further into my healing journey than I have ever gone before, 

and made me feel safe all the while. 

My experience in the "Heal Your Inner Child" workshop was no short of LIFE CHANGING. 

I have lifted blocks that have been instilled in me over a lifetime... GONE... overnight. 

I feel my limitless potential more than ever. I am in ALL of her programs 

and I can't wait to continue working with this amazing woman 

and see what more she has in store for the world. 

 ~Darrien Elsom

Reiki Practitioner & Creatrix

Client Testimonial

“Haley is an amazing support and soul. I have made the effortless decision to be apart of every program she has offered and have had the pleasure of working with her 1 on 1. Haley truly pulls  your highest self right out of you, she can see your limitless potential and channels the information you need to get you there. She has shown me how quickly even the deepest wounds can start to heal and is enthusiastic to be there when ever you need extra guidance outside of her programs. This woman is a true light that just wants to make the world a more abundant place in all of the ways “

-Darrien, Taboo Holistics 

Client Testimonial

“Working with Haley has been extremely transformational for me and my life, and I am so grateful for her. She helped me tune into my highest self, get out of my own way, and step 

into my power. I’m an entrepreneur and had some serious blocks around money and productivity. Through working with Haley I learned how to heal thoughts, patterns, and beliefs that no longer served me and were holding me back from thriving not only in my personal life, but in my business, relationships and so much more. Haley is so talented and such a joy to work with, I would highly recommend you work with her any chance you get!” 

~Jenn Baswick / The Intuitive Nutritionist 

Client Testimonial

“After experiencing ICON (April 2022)with Haley and then the Art of Receiving (in both May & June of 2022) I didn’t think I could dive into the ethers of my soul much more… MOMENTUM proved me wrong. In the best way possible. 

In ICON; Haley supported, lead & integrated me into to my present day highest timeline. 

After experiencing such high level frequencies & upgrades I knew I needed support in maintaining the urgency of my soul to grow and move forward in stepping into my Power and found that support in {TAOR}

{The Art of Receiving} catapulted me into the upper level classification of my own Essence. These two event days really truly kept me sane in the process of discovering ME! 

It’s not just the events, but also the in-person experience Haley creates, and the generous nature of all the women who attend. It truly nourished my Essence and watered my soul roots in ways I can’t really explain.

When I saw Haley was hosting the 4-day integration, I semi-died. In a good way. LOL. It felt like the Divine blessed my life. I was becoming so drained and depleted within my own physical body & life. The Journey of Self: finding and exploring who you are - has been really isolating for me, but whenever I’m in Haley’s groups & classes I’m always reminded it’s not… (no longer, anyway)

When I did Momentum in September, it felt like the fresh, new, Clean breeze I didn’t know I needed. I was energetically rebooted and generously reminded that there are SO many likeminded souls who are on this journey too. We’re All In this together (Please cue HSM hehe). 

Thank you Haley for gifting this earth with your presence and for creating a safe space for us ladiezzz to step into our identities, and be supported by you Day After Day after day.

My creative self & ideas have made feel “out of the box” of crayons in this world. But Haley has completely changed my perspective of how To love and accept Me for Me. Now I purposely and proudly add more random colours to my out of the ordinary lifestyle….. and still, Haley doesn’t  bat one itty bitty eye, She just accepts me for me,’ and that’s all I’ve ever wanted to find in life. Thank you For being Y O U, Haley”

- Kayla Katherine Dumont 

Producer, Director, Singer, Songwriter, ICON